www.coolPittsburghrentals.com was put together by a few different  rental groups who wanted to offer the Pittsburgh rental community an easy, fast, fun way to find quality rentals. After a few brainstorming sessions on Carson street we felt this was the coolest way  to bring you, the cool rental public, ways to see our cool properties. Thus the name www.coolPittsburghrentals.com. We ran the name and concept past some of our coolest tenants and they suggested a website that offers one stop shopping for you, the cool rental public. They wanted addresses, descriptions, pictures, applications, and sample leases available for their review. We put it all together and  think it is pretty cool. We hope you find it useful and fun when looking for a new rental in Pittsburgh.

meet the founding members of www.coolPittsburghrentals.com
Gold Rush Properties LLC.- the members of Gold Rush are a few guys from Cali who thought they struck gold in the Pittsburgh housing market. Everything was cool until winter came around. Gold Rush specializes in South Side properties. Very cool rentals for sure. Check them out! Contact bill@coolPittsburghrentals.com or scott@coolPittsburghrentals.com.

BHAMM Properties LLC.- BHAMM has housing available in the South Side, Mt. Washington, and Carnegie. BHAMM's tenants think it is cool that the landlord cuts the grass in the summer at all it's properties. The tenants said this alone qualifies them to be a member of www.coolPittsburghrentals.com. If you think that is cool and want to live in one of BHAMM's properties contact carmine@coolPittsburghrentals.com.

Gadd Properties- Gadd Properties has cool rentals all over the city. South Side, Mt. Washington, and Arlington are all areas that have seen their level of coolness rise since Gadd Properties showed up on the block. bill@coolPittsburghrentals.com can answer all your questions.

GaddGreen Properties- GaddGreen Properties believe in the saying the bigger the better. The only way they like a property is if it is big, big and cool that is. GaddGreen thinks the South Side is cool and the houses they own prove it. Contact bill@coolPittsburghrentals.co for the cool details.

GaddFarris Properties- Cool kitchens are their specialty. If you think kitchens are cool you will love the cool kitchens GaddFarris have to offer. scott@coolPittsburghrentals.com or bill@coolPittsburghrentals.com  would be happy to show you some of their cool Kitchens in their www.coolPittsburghrentals.com.

GaddBellini Properties- GaddBellini Properties thinks the South Side Slopes are cool, real cool. They bought as many properties they could and made them www.CoolPittsburghrentals.com cool. Now the Slopes is one of the fastest growing rental communities in coolPittsburgh. Let carmine@coolPittsburghrentals.com or bill@coolPittsburghrentals.com show you the transformation.

B&B Properties- B&B thinks old world charm is old world cool. With properties in Mt. Washington and the South Side finding something cool is easy. Just contact carmine@coolPittsburghrentals.com.

AGB Properties- AGB properties always thought Dormont could be cool. Then they bought a building that was truly cool and all of a sudden it was www.coolPittsburghrentals.com cool. Contact BelliniTony@hotmail.com so he can tell you about all the housing options AGB Properties has to offer.

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